Revisiting My Study of Forecaster Learning

I am honored to be at the CALMET XIII / Eumetcal conference hosted at EUMETSAT this week to lead a workshop on the implications of my dissertation results. It is so fun to be meeting people from all over the world who are training forecasters. The image below shows pins for all the locations: from Australia to Argentina, Nicaragua to Niger, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Fiji, Grenada, and so many more countries. CALMet is a vibrant and wonderful community.

It has been interesting to hear how my work has resonated, and I look forward to learning more about that after my workshop. I also hope that my work is extended in the future. While informative and representative of my study participants, it was just one study. There is likely more to be learned.

Here are some key publications and a handout:

Here is link to the conference presentation (video) and paper (PDF) from when my dissertation was almost complete (2010). The following year I presented a poster (PDF) of the complete study. These are free to download/view.

Here is a link to my 2018 paper in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society on facilitating self-directed learning. Self-directed learning can be a misnomer: it is often actively facilitated by others, and it is in the best interest of the field to do so.

And finally, here is a handout of the key diagrams from (or related to) my dissertation:

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