Resources for Tornado Survivors

Did you talk with us?

Thank you so much for sharing your story! Our research will make a difference in helping to make homes safer and improving safety advice about where to shelter during tornadoes. Here are links to the approved consent forms (information sheets) about our study:


You can build a stronger home. There’s no reason to keep building with old/recent construction practices when we now know better. Have you heard of the concept of a continuous load path? A continuous load path helps both hold your home together and keep it down on the ground during strong winds. See the research for yourself:

If your home can be repaired, consider building back stronger and consider adding a safe room. Learn more about these exciting developments with this handout:

When you’re in the market for a new car, you probably research safety features. Do the same for your next home! Here’s how to learn more, including how to find builders who build stronger homes:

Install a FORTIFIED Roof

Just above we link to resources to learn about a continuous load path that makes the whole home a lot more resistant to wind damage. But short of that, did you know that the most common thing to happen to homes is water damage inside after losing some roof shingles? Consider at least installing a FORTIFIED Roof:

Some insurance companies offer discounts, and some states require that discounts are offered:

Calm yourself and your family after the storm

Experiencing a tornado is traumatic. You may find that it’s hard to stop reliving the events in your mind, or you may find yourself cringing at noises that remind you of the tornado. There are many others who have gone before you, be it with storms or other traumas, and there are lots of resources to help:

Did you know there are counselors specifically trained in trauma? Here’s how to find one:

Here is a web site for children who have been through a tornado:

And here is a handout for parents to help their children after a tornado:

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